Patient Care

E  HOP #8-1060 Patient Care

The concealed carry of handguns is prohibited in patient-care areas, including those areas in which professional mental health services are provided. This prohibition includes not only traditional patient care facilities, but also research labs and other research areas where and when, as part of a research program, patient care is delivered by or under the supervision or direction of a licensed health care provider. Notice conforming to Texas Penal Code, Section 30.06, will be provided.


An area, including research areas, that involves the treatment or evaluation of a medical or mental health condition of a patient by a licensed health care provider or under the supervision or direction of a licensed health care provider and that results in a formal record of treatment.

Waiting rooms for patient care areas can be considered as an excluded area when greater than 50 percent of the use of that waiting room is for patients waiting to receive care.

Dr. Chris Brownson, associate vice president for student affairs and director of the Counseling and Mental Health Center, and a team surveyed all areas considered to be patient care areas. All areas that met this definition were toured and reviewed. In addition, the task force subcommittee met with the principal provider or his/her delegate to evaluate whether the patient care area/ research unit met the definition and to determine the best way to communicate exclusion of handguns within that area to faculty members, staffers, patients, research participants, and visitors. After consultation within the task force, the entire Student Services Building was recommended for exclusion. The responsible university authorities have been notified of exclusion area(s).